Designed to work with HOLLAND FW35, FW33, and FW0070 fifth wheel models, inboard and outboard mounting systems are adaptable to all fifth wheel configurations including HOLLAND Kompensator® and No-Tilt wheels. Kompensator mounting systems provide fifth wheel top plate side-to-side cradle movement on uneven terrain, relieving torsional stress and twist for high CG rigid trailers. No-Tilt mounting systems provide for seamless conversion to a rigid No-Tilt fifth wheel for applications where articulation is provided on the trailer.

The severe-duty slider’s modular, service-friendly design allows fifth wheel heights to be easily changed. Available bracket-mounting heights range from 8-inch to 11-inch, and can be easily changed to meet all OEM and heavy-haul customer configurations. The severe-duty slider system provides slide travels – 12-inch, 24-inch, 36-inch, 48-inch, 60-inch, and 72-inch – to accommodate a wide range of weight distribution and clearance needs. Two-inch slide increments enable versatile positioning to meet any payload distribution requirement.

New visual plunger lock indicators are located toward the front of the slide bracket for easy visibility so drivers can quickly ensure that the slide bracket is securely locked in place. In addition, the in-cab air slide release control allows drivers to easily reposition the fifth wheel when required.


SAF-HOLLAND S.A., located in Luxembourg, is the largest listed supplier to the commercial vehicle market in Europe. With sales of approximately EUR 1,060 million in 2015 and more than 3,100 employees, the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of chassis-related systems and components primarily for trailers, trucks, buses, and recreational vehicles. The product range comprises axle and suspension systems, fifth wheels, kingpins, and landing gear and is marketed under the brands SAF, Holland, and Neway. SAF-HOLLAND sells its products to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) on six continents. The Aftermarket Business Unit sells spare parts to the Original Equipment Service (OES) of the manufacturers and to end customers and service centers through its own extensive global service and distribution network. SAF-HOLLAND is one of the few suppliers in the truck and trailer industry that is internationally positioned in almost all markets worldwide.