NoLube Articulation Pocket Liners

Provided proper fifth wheel articulation without the need for grease or lubricants.

Cast Steel Top Plate

Optimized casting process provides maximum strength to weight ratio.

Precision TwinLock Mechanism

Designed for strength and durability, the TwinLock jaws are forged steel and machined for quick and reliable kingpin coupling. The TwinLock design prevents kingpin impact bounce out.

Greater Kingpin-to-Lock Jaw Contact

Locking system features a greater lock jaw contact area over competitive models, providing longer kingpin and lock life.

Visible Lock Indicator

Provides the driver with a clear visual indication that fifth wheel lock mechanism is properly closed.

Easy Lock Adjustment

Offers infinite adjustment positions, which improves lock and kingpin durability.

E-Z Grip™ Release Handle

Requires minimal pull effort and protects from damage during a missed couple. Available in left- or right-hand, and air release.

6-Year/600,000 Mile Performance Guarantee

The HOLLAND FW35 Series is guaranteed for 6-Years/600,000 Miles to provide maximum operation performance.

In the unlikely case of wear requiring lock mechanism replacement, SAF-HOLLAND will cover the cost of parts, labor and freight.*

* Refer to this products warranty literature for full details.

Air Release

The Holland fifth wheel air release system provides a simple, easy-to-operate, in-cab fifth wheel lock release system. With just a simple pull of a dash-mounted air switch, a pneumatic cylinder on the fifth wheel will effortlessly open the locking mechanism.

SAFE: Three-stage system ensures that the fifth wheel lock release can only be operated when the vehicle’s parking brakes are engaged. The unique air-assisted interlock design absolutely prevents accidental release of the fifth wheel lock, while still allowing manual release operation if necessary.

EFFICIENT: Reduces the time your driver spends manually locking and unlocking the fifth wheel. Less manual interaction with the fifth wheel (and the grease that can come with it) limits potential driver injuries that can lead to expensive worker’s compensation claims.

CONSISTENT: Backed by SAF-HOLLAND’s extensive five year parts and labor warranty, the air release system will work reliably when you need it to – every time.

Slider (ILS)

Holland’s Integrated Low-Weight Slider System (ILS) utilizes a lighter weight, no welding modular design to provide significant weight savings and easy height change.

Benefits of ILS
- Lighter weight without sacrificing durability and reliability
- Single-piece, bolt-on cast bracket (low weight, easy replacement)
- Two-piece side cushioning “upshock” bushings
- Slide-on (No weld), repositionable bulkhead fitting bracket
- Same air cylinder location on all heights (includes “quick-connect” fittings)
- 2” slide increments
- Available for both inboard and outboard mounting


Kompensator fifth wheel mounting bases are designed for use with torsionally rigid trailers such as tankers, drybulk, bottom dumps, grain and B-trains

When torsionally rigid trailers encounter uneven terrain, tight turns or curbs, they do not flex to relieve the twisting force experienced between tractor and trailer. This leads to frame cracks, leaky tanks and premature drive tire wear.

Holland Kompensator provides the torsional stress relief that rigid trailers require. The unique cradle design provides side-to-side compensation and allows more flexibility between tractor and trailer by reducing torque and twist transfer through the fifth wheel.

No Tilt

Holland No-Tilt is designed to be convertible from a standard articulating fifth wheel to a rigid “no-tilt” fifth wheel when required. In applications requiring a “no-tilt” fifth wheel, the oscillation (articulation) is provided by other means (eg. An articulating upper coupler). No-Tilt is available on both stationary and sliding mounting brackets.


Holland stationary fifth wheel mounts are designed for applications where the axle loading, kingpin setting and vehicle combination length all remain constant throughout the fleet.

Stationary fifth wheel mounts are generally lighter weight and lower cost than sliding mounts, however, they do no offer the application flexibility of a sliding mount.

HOLLAND ELI-te™ Fifth Wheel Coupling Assistant

ELI-te™ (Electronic Lock Inspection – technology enhanced) is designed for fleets looking to enhance driver coupling efficiency and safety.

ELI-te™ assists the driver with LED lights on the fifth wheel to allow for quick recognition of a successful or failed coupling attempt. Drivers no longer need to guess on the success of the couple. ELI-te™ prevents potential mistakes before they happen.

Severe Duty Slider

The HOLLAND Severe Duty Slider System for Fifth Wheels is the highest capacity slider system in the industry.

· 80,000 lb. vertical and 200,000 lb. drawbar pull capacities lead the industry in sliding fifth wheels ratings.
· 8˝, 9˝, 10˝, and 11˝ bracket heights to meet all configuration needs for the OEMs and customers.
· 12˝, 24˝, 36˝, 48˝, 60˝, and 72˝ slider travels
to accommodate for a wide range of weight distribution and clearance needs.
· 2˝ slide increments for positioning versatility to meet any payload distribution requirements.
· In-cab air slide release control allows driver to easily reposition the fifth wheel when required.
· SDS modular design is service friendly to allow the changing of fifth wheel heights or adding an optional convertible No-Tilt top plate.


Holland’s FW31 provides a NoLube variation to the FW35 fifth wheel. FW31 NoLube provides an innovative solution to fifth wheel lubrication by eliminating the need for grease on the top plate surface, between the top plate and bracket, and in the lock mechanism.

Benefits of NoLube
- Reduces lubrication costs and time
- Extends maintenance intervals and improves shop productivity. Absence of grease allows mechanics to work faster.
- Saves on steer tire wear – maintains consistent steer effort, even in sharp turns, which helps to reduce steer tire scrub/wear
- Keeps shops clean and safe – Eliminates steam cleaning and costly grease disposal while helping to meet EPA regulations
- Preserves the environment – reduces grease contamination of storm and ground water, avoids citations and fines for excess grease on drive axle and frame
- Improves drive productivity – No re-greasing on the road; no greasy hands or clothing. Provides a smoother, more fluid ride and constant feel for the way the trailer pulls.

For more information on FW35 NoLube, see the FW31 Series Product Page.