Kingpin Gage TF-0110

The HOLLAND Kingpin Gage is a simple, multi-purpose, economical gage for indicating undersized 2' and 3-1/2' SAE kingpins in need of replacement. This unique gage can also be used to check kingpin length, and for checking the straightness and flatness of the upper coupler or bolster plate.

LOCK-N-LEAVE™ RK-51674000-1

SAF-HOLLAND’s Kingpin lock rugged construction and ease of use provides added security for parked semi-trailers.

The tough, sledge-proof cast iron body and 5/8-inch case hardened steel lock bolt prevents removal without a key. Simply slide the cylinder shaped body over the kingpin, lock the device and leave with peace of mind.

The anti-theft device is highly visible (safety yellow paint and a two-foot long warning tag) in case the driver forgets to remove lock and attempts to couple, the cylinder shaped design prevents jamming of the fifth wheel.

Are you replacing an old HOLLAND Goldline lock? You can order a Lock-NLeave with a specific key code to match your existing key.